Even Sam Adams is a Patriots Fan!

With the AFC championship game this weekend in New England this weekend, even the most stalwart of revolutionaries is passionate about his hometown team. We can only image what he has planned if the Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts Saturday!

12 Even Sam Adams is a Patriots Fan!

Sam Adams channeling Tom Brady.

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The Drinks Are On Us!

How many attractions have a drink named after them? Our neighbors at InterContinental Boston have created a delicious cocktail that is of special interest to us!

“The Boston Tea Party” signature cocktail includes cinnamon and orange spice tea infused BACARDI, fresh lemon juice, fresh lemon juice, Miel’s house-made honey (from the hotel’s on-site apiary), and egg whites garnished with tea leaves.

The InterContinental Hotel & Resorts, in collaboration with BACARDI, is holding its first ever International Top Shelf Cocktail Competition. As one of six finalists, InterContinental Boston’s head mixologist, Dragan Gajica, has created two cocktails for this competition, to be held in Miami on November 13. The winning cocktails will be featured on the Signature Cocktail Menu at all of their American properties.

Best of luck, Dragan! HUZZAH!

IMG 0395 0 The Drinks Are On Us!

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The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is 2.5 mile walking trail full of the rich history of our country’s creation and sacrifices. This trail will lead you to 16 different locations that are nationally significant to our country’s Revolution. Walk through museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, parks, a ship, and historic markers that tell the story our of nation’s past. There is truly no other experience like the Freedom Trail and no other place where you can walk in the same steps as the people who created our nation.

trailmap 256x300 The Freedom Trail

The Boston Freedom Trail map!

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The Guests at the Boston Tea Party!

The exact number of those Patriots who participated in the Boston Tea Party is unknown. Why? Because many participants of the Boston Tea Party remained anonymous and lived discreetly for years out of fear of punishment. Currently, 116 men are known for sure to have thrown tea overboard the Eleanor, the Dartmouth, and the Beaver because they were documented. But many members have been lost in history. Many of the men were under the age of forty and the classes of men covered a wide variety of social status. However, we do know that thousands witnesses this momentous event in American history and were able to convey it to future generations!

Boston Tea Party Image 222x300 The Guests at the Boston Tea Party!

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Faneuil Hall

Peter Faneuil certainly gave the city of Boston a gift. In 1740, he offered at a public meeting to fund a public market house, which was a project that the public had been suggesting for years. The vote for the construction was passed unanimously, so the construction of the building began at Dock Square and they hired John Smibert to style the building as an English country market.

DCP 1839 225x300 Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall!

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The Boston Tea Party in 1973

Since the occurrence of the Boston Tea Party, it has become an international and political symbol of protest. In 1973, people in Boston were calling for the impeachment of President Nixon and on the 200th anniversary of the Tea Party, there was a mass meeting at Faneuil Hall. They were protesting the oil companies in the current oil crisis. After the meeting, protestors went aboard a ship like the Dartmouth in Boston Harbor to hang an effigy of Nixon and dump several empty oil drums into the harbor.

asdfasdf 300x210 The Boston Tea Party in 1973

A photograph of protestors hanging a wax effigy of Nixon on a replica of the Dartmouth.

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Gandhi’s “Boston Tea Party”

Even though the Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston, it has become an international phenomenon and symbol. So it’s not surprising that it has been referenced in other political protests. When Gandhi led his famous mass burning of registration cards in South Africa in 1908, a newspaper in England compared the event to the Boston Tea Party. In fact, when Gandhi sat down with a British viceroy in 1920 after the Indian salt protest campaign, Gandhi took some tax-free salt from his clothing and said it was to remind us of the Boston Tea Party.

Marche sel 300x207 Gandhis Boston Tea Party

Gandhi’s famous salt protest march!

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Who Came Up With “Boston Tea Party?”

Did you know that the term “Boston Tea Party” wasn’t created until 1834? Before that, people often called it just the “destruction of the tea.” This is because, according to historian Alfred Young, Americans were very reluctant to celebrate and be reminded of the destruction of property. So the event had been mostly ignored in the recollections of American history. These notions soon began to change in the 1830 when a Tea Party member, George Robert Twelves Hewes, began to write about his experiences in a biography. He termed the destruction of the tea, the “Tea Party.”

 Who Came Up With Boston Tea Party?

A portrait of George Robert Twelves Hewes, a Boston Tea Party member!

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The Conciliatory Resolution

This was a resolution passed by British Parliament that attempted to reach a peaceful settlement with the colonies right before the start of the Revolutionary War. It declared that those American colonies who had contributed to the common dense, supported civil government, and the administration of justice would not have to pay any taxes or duties expect those for regular commerce. It was an obvious punishment to cities who were openly engaged in anti-Crown rebellion. This resolution was sent too late, because the Continental Congress ignored it and the American Revolution began at Lexington on April 19th, 1775.

continental congress 300x206 The Conciliatory Resolution

Continental Congress

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The Peggy Stewart

The Maryland cargo vessel, the Peggy Stewart, burned on October 19, 1774 as a punishment for violating the boycott on tea imports that had been imposed in respond to the British treatment of Bostonians after the Tea Party. Americans came to view the burning of the Peggy Stewart as a heroic action because the people who had demanded the burning of the Peggy Stewart were patriots in resisting the British Tea Act.

peggyws2 The Peggy Stewart

Patriots burning the Peggy Stewart.

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