Historical Sites of the American Revolution

Have you ever wondered exactly how America was born? At the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, you actually become apart of the event that permanently altered the course of American history! It’s not a Boston museum where you look at artifacts through glass from a distance, it’s a hands-on experience unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed. Live actors, high-tech, interactive exhibits, restored tall ships, and documentary films are just a taste of what you’ll see, hear, and truly take part in! Come aboard, meet the colonists, choose a stance, explore the authentic ships, and dump tea overboard just like the Sons of Liberty did on that incredible night in 1773! Boston Museum Tours last one hour and will take you through a variety of exhibits and displays. Go to Abigail’s Tea Room for Teatime or visit the gift ship for specially crafted souvenirs! Come learn, be entertained, and enlightened! There’s no age limit, because everyone can take something away from this top-rated Boston Attraction.

Do you believe in the tea taxes? Do you agree with the British occupation? How to do you feel about freedom? Come to one of the most interactive Boston Attractions and share YOUR ideas on board!

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