Let the Countdown Begin!

throwing tea into the sea

Throw the tea into the sea!

Well, we are off. We kicked off the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museums with a press event at the Boston Inter-Continental Hotel on Tuesday, April 19, 2011. Our public relations partners at Conventures hosted the event that included fife and drummers,  costumed colonial characters and some of the best New England clam chowder ever. Dick Dray, of Conventures, summed up the event in a poem:


Today we have reached a historic plateau,
As we celebrate history three centuries ago.
When patriots gathered in a charged atmosphere,
In the city of Adams, George Hewes and Revere.
And a moment in history—at this very location,
Where it all began—-the start of our nation.
When Mohawk Indians marched to the sea,
To rebel at King George’s taxes on tea.
To dump tea in the harbor was their solution,
And it started in Boston– our first Revolution.
There are names like Coolidge, Barber and Clark,
Who crept to the waterfront that night after dark.
And in 2012 you’ll be able to see them,
When you visit the Tea Party ship(s) and Museum,
And re-live our history— and become a believer,
When you board ships Eleanor, Dartmouth and Beaver.
And if you’re inclined— heaven forbid,
Dump tea in the sea, as your forefathers did.
Who never quite knew– that the tea crates they hurled
Became know as the “Splash” heard ‘round the world”
So today as we gather in this great Boston port
I thank you for coming– and for all your support

Stay tuned. The next sixteen months are going to be very exciting.

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